The Complete Banker™ Programme
Developing the future of ASEAN finance.
The Complete Banker™ Programme

If you have just graduated and possess a strong track record of academic excellence, then you are highly encouraged to apply. Remember, this puts you on track to be part of the next generation of change-makers.

Programme Type
Application Deadline

Applications for The Complete Banker™ Programme is now open. 

Hone your leadership potential, build your professional network and get involved in high-priority projects.

This is a two-year structured development programme that provides a holistic overview of the banking industry. Armed with this, you will be able to chart the path of your professional growth with the goal of attaining your maximum potential. The strategic nature of this programme rewards those with diverse and innovative perspectives.

qualities we expect
To be part of #teamCIMB, you will need to be:
  • A corporate athlete.
  • Someone who is agile, versatile and dynamic. 
  • One who understands the importance of adaptability, with the tenacity to move with the fast-paced rhythm of our work environment. 
  • Strong communication skills is an absolute must.

Programme Overview: Year 1

Intensive Classroom Training (1 month)

You’ll kickstart the programme with an intensive curriculum centered around our firm, our businesses and the banking industry. Your training will span the duration of a month, alongside professional development and career mapping opportunities. i.e, real-life case studies, projects and field trips.

Job Rotations (11 months)

The following 11 months will see you in role rotations across four different business units, with an opportunity for international placement. These units will be chosen to complement your career track, helping you develop a deeper understanding of the organisation as you get involved in projects that directly impact the company’s operations. Throughout this time, you will receive invaluable and rigorous coaching from our team of mentors. Use this time wisely to build your network within the corporate structure.

Programme Overview: Year 2

Elective Development (3 months)

Upon successfully completing the first half of the programme, you will be empowered to select from a variety of robust development electives, ranging from regional job attachments, external job attachments with our partners, to our Chinese language and cultural immersion option.

Job Placement (9 months)

Be on track for increased responsibilities and leadership capacities; we’ll help position you for success in a role across our existing businesses. Cross-border exposure will be likely for our highly motivated analysts.

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